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Former Member
Aug 26, 2009 at 03:21 AM

BI-IP - Planning Buffer issue


Hi Experts,

In our current BI-IP project, there is a requirement to jump from an input ready query, located in web template u201CAu201D, to another web template u201CBu201D, which contains one display only query and a couple of planning functions.

To do this, we are using the standard RRI feature, since the users want to use the mouse right button to select one specific cell in the input ready query as the start point of the jump.

Everything works just fine, except when the user changes the plan values in the origin query and jumps to the destination without first saving the data. In this case, the values are not refreshed in the destination query in web template u201CBu201D. This situation really represents an issue, because this kind of navigation is supposed to occurs frequently, and the users donu2019t want to save the data every time they jump to the second web template.

As a workaround, we tried to use the class CL_RSPLFA_PLAN_BUFFER to read the planning buffer in the target web template, but it does not work, since the planning buffer delta can only be accessed by queries and planning functions in the context of the same application, in our case the web template u201CAu201D, from where we jumped.

We understand that this situation represents a limitation of the standard BI-IP planning buffer concept, so we would like to hear from you suggestions on how to workaround this issue.

Any input will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,