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Aug 25, 2009 at 05:22 PM

Cache in BIA


Can somebody explain how Cache works in BIA. We are on Rev 50.

In the Python tool, under Index -> Usage -> Cache.

Issue - when i run the query for the first time in BIA, it runs for about 5 secs on BIA. but when i run the same query again (with exactly the same variables) it returns in less than 1 sec (Note - OLAP Cache is disabled in both the cases).

Under Index -> Usage -> Cache, I can see Cache size increasing for a query run for the first time while i can see Cache Hits increasing for any subsequent runs.

If I change any variable from the previous run, it populates another entry in BIA Cache which takes pretty long time (5 secs or so). My question is that how is this different from OLAP cache. If i am going against exactly same data again (same query with same variables), wouldn't I hit OLAP cache (assuming that its hitting the same app server) and never hit BIA at all which makes BIA cache useless. What am I missing?

Any information on BIA Cache would be helpful ?

We have another environment on Rev 48 and there it says that Cache is disabled. so I am assuming that this feature was introduced in REv 49 or later

Note: this is different from DFI Cache. I see above behaviour irrespective of whether DFI was turned on or off.

- Saurabh Bansal

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