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Aug 25, 2009 at 11:45 AM

Returns to vendor and their effect on on-time delivery calculation



we're on ECC 6,0 and using vendor evaluation. We are using automatic calculation of on-time delivery. I have a question about how return deliveries to vendor affect the calculation of on-time delivery points. SAP documentation says "The system considers only reversals affecting goods receipts against purchase orders and scheduling agreements into stores and the release of GR blocked stock into stores. In the standard system, these are the movement types 102 and 106." Return deliveries to vendor are made with movement type 122 and based on the above mentioned SAP text, only movement types 102 and 106 are considered in cancellation of scores. However, based on my testing, movement type 122 effects on-time delivery scores with the folllowing formula:

The system calculates the new overall score (OS) as follows:

Old OS - (score from last GR X smoothing factor) / 1 - smoothing factor = New OS

Does somebody have more information about how movement type 122 is considered in vendor evaluation?



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