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SLOC to SLOC stock transfer using STO

Dear Experts,

I trying to do two step stock transfer b/w storage locations with in the same plant using stock transport order. I want to follow the MM path for stock transfer using STO not SD path. So I have activated "issuing storage location " option alone in configuration in SPRO. Now I have created the STO with document type UB and entered supplying plant and receiving plant as the same plant code and also entered the receiving & issuing storage location at item level.

Now i'm not sure whether i need to do the transfer posting (mvt 313, 315) for the STO or I have to do goods issue(303, 305) for the STO

I have tried both the options, 1st I tried transfer posting with reference to STO with mvt 313, but it through's the error "purchase order doesn't contain selectable item"

2nd I tried with goods issue with reference to STO, this time i can successfully able to post the GI & GR.

Please someone can clarify which is the right method for SLOC to SLCO stock transfer with STO through MM path.

If 303 and 305 is the right option then why system not throughout a error in migo when I try to do the transfer posting with reference to PO using the movement type 313. Because for other cases system will through the error message "movement type is not planned for this operation".

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    Posted on Sep 28, 2018 at 04:22 AM

    I tried the scenario in sandbox, I can manage to post the stock transfer with in a plant using STO with the movement types 303 and 305 and found that no accounting document is created for GI and GR and it's also helpful to post the transfer in one shot instead of filling the Migo screen line by line. Also i have noted that stock is visible at stock in transit(MB5T) instead of stock in transfer. But i'm not sure that is there any other impact for this process. Please post your suggesstions.

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  • Posted on Sep 24, 2018 at 05:26 AM

    Hello Satheesh,

    If you are working in India, then complete configuration is required if your storage location belongs to different regions, if both of the storage location and you do not wanted to post the delivery then there is no use of STO, you can simply post the stock transfer through movement type 301 by MIGO or two step stock transfer via movement type 303/305.

    I hope this will clear your query!


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    • Hello Satheesh,

      Haha, what you are trying is really not suitable, you should contact to your abaper to make a custom program for multiple entries in MIGO, that should be correct process, because STO itself is Plant to plant stock transfer! just don't get into it, if the process is not right!


  • Posted on Sep 23, 2018 at 01:34 PM

    If you've activated STO between Storage locations within the Plant, then why go for 313/315 and 303/305.

    If storage location of a Plant is located in different region, then you may go for STO between storage locations. Process is,

    1. Create STO

    2. Create Outbound delivery

    3. PGI with Movement type 641

    4. GR against Outbound delivery with Movement type 101

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    • Thanks for your reply Rosh. As I said , I have activated only "issuing storage location" (check box- marked) alone in configuration. Not configured anything beyond that like delivery , shipping point assignment ect... I don't want to create a delivery document and I just want to post goods issue and goods receipt for the STO (MM path). Now please tell me which is the right way to transfer the goods using STO.

      In other way around I just want to know is it possible to do transfer posting movements (313 and 315) with reference to STO ?