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Sep 22, 2018 at 01:32 PM

NPV analysis for Capitalised interest and repayment of capitalised interest


Hi SAPer,

I have an issue with regard to the NPV calculation with (variable) capitalized interest flow (Flow type 1150) and its repayment flow (1160) We have a TRM transactions (Swap) with the frequency of Interest adjustment for capitalized interest is done on a quarterly basis but only paid semi-annually.

NPV analysis (TPM60) only takes into the floating cashflow for capitalised interest based on flow 1150 on a quarterly basis, even though the real cashflow is repayment (flow type 1160) of semi-annal basis. The client wishes to include 1160 flow instead.

Questions are:

- Is this above behaviour that inlcude capitalized interest flow (1150) a standard behaviour or something that we could configure differently so that its repayment flow is included as Floating Cashflow instesad of capitalised interest flow within NPV analysis?

- If standard and not possible to change by configuration, would any of you know the BADI or exit that can be used to modify this?

Thanks for your help in advance. Cheers taro