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Sep 21, 2018 at 12:38 PM

Counter reading difference value storing with wrong value


Hi All,

I have created two measurement documents against 41 measuring counter as 10 KW & 100 KW and difference between two reading is 90 KW

measurement reading value are stored in the following way

for 10 KW 1,0000000000000000E+01

For 100 KW 1,0000000000000000E+02

for difference value 10 KW 1,0000000000000000E+04

for difference value 90 KW 9,0000000000000000E+04

Wanted to know why system is storing difference value power to the 4 but the difference values are 10 KW & 90 KW. Could you please all throw some light on this issue.


Kiran Ambi