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Aug 24, 2009 at 07:06 PM

SLD Business transport groups



I inherited a PI 7.1 system. I'm trying to determine if the current SLD transport groups are setup correctly. We currently have two SLDs: Design time (BS_DEV, BS_QA) and runtime (BS_PRD).

The current configuration is as follows:

In the design time SLD

Business system BS_Dev (development) is in the BS_DEV_GROUP and has a target group BS_QA_GROUP with a target system BS_QA. I think this is correct.

Business system BS_QA is in the BS_QA_GROUP and has a source group BS_DEV with the source group BS_DEV_GROUP with business system BS_DEV. But, there is no target for this system. I think it should be the BS_PRD system in the BS_PRD_GROUP.

In the second SLD, the runtime SLD has the following configuration:

The BS_DEV system is part of the BS_DEV_GROUP and has a target system of BS_PRD in the BS_PRD_GROUP. The BS_QA system has no source system and no target. I think this is wrong. The DEV_PRD system has a source system of BS_DEV of BS_DEV_GROUP. There is no reference to the BS_QA system.

Also, when the BS_QA system is configured it should have a source system BS_DEV system and a target system BS_QA, right?

I think this is configured to bypass the QA system. Do you agree? Sorry for the long post. Oh,, CTS+ is working.