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Aug 24, 2009 at 05:15 PM

Migrate SAP 4.6C to windows2003 cluster


Hi All,

I have a plan to migrate SAP4.6c on windows2000 to windows2003 cluster environment and upgrade to oracle to 10g.

But I not sure with this plan is a good choice ,please advice me if I miss something on this plan.

offline & online backup.

1. Install windows 2003 ent for cluster on new machine.

2. Install oracle software on cluster env. (and patch)

3. Install SAP 4.6c on cluster env.

4. Remove data from new installation

5. Restore data form PRD (online backup)

6. Upgrade kernel SAP

7. Upgrade support package

8. Test fail over

9. Upgrade oracle release from 8i to 9i

10. Upgrade oracle patch 9i

11. Upgrade oracle release from 9i to 10g

12. Upgrade oracle patch 10g.

13. Start oracle upgrade and SAP

14. Test fail over (if it work)

On my plan I not sure if I restore data form windows2000 to windows2003.

It's can work to start SAP because I worry about oracle data are conflict on new evnironment.

Your comments are highly appreciated.

Thank for your help.