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Aug 24, 2009 at 03:46 PM

Admin and Office client connection problems


Hi there,

I have just come across a problem that I can't seem to fix, and could use some help.

I have built a test application set on a newly-built test server (a VM actually), and this morning I finished my dimensions and launched the Office client in Excel for the first time.

Instead of logged me straight in (as it should, the admin client, Office client, and the entire server and application are on the same machine), it started the Connection Wizard.

I get past the point of entering my ID and password, and it gives me this error:

"The system cannot connect to the <HTTP address of the server> Application Server. Verify that you have specified a valid application server name, or see if the Application server is unavailable at this time."

I ran the diagnostics (both client and server), restarted IIS, restarted the machine, uninstalled and reinstalled the clients, all to no avail; I still get the same message. Oddly, I was able to get into the admin client with no problems until now, but now this gives me the same error.

Even more irritating, I backed up my appset and moved it to a different (up to now fully-working) machine, and now the same things has happened there too!

Is it possible that an appset can cause this problem? Or something unrelated? I can't connect to the other 2 appsets I have on this second machine now, either.

I can, however, get into this appsets via the web client, if that helps at all!?!

I am running this on Windows Server 2003, SQL 2005, Office 2003 and BPC version 7 SP4.

Any ideas would be most welcomed!

Thanks a lot,