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Sep 25, 2018 at 03:34 PM

reorg rebuil blocking



I'm running "reorg rebuild <table> with online" and "reorg rebuild <table> <index> with online" (one after the other) on a table with 100+Mio rows in ASE 15.7 Sp134.

Although the documentation states that there is only a short duration of table lock on the target table at the beginning and at the end of this process, I wonder if there is any chance that other processes (incl. prepared statements) still get blocked somehow (latch contention, systables, xlog).

Why does the documentation say "Sybase® recommends that you run reorg rebuild when the table‚Äôs transaction load is relatively low" ?

What is the best practice approach to reorganize huge tables/indexes if this process is prone to locks (resume option is not available for reorg rebuild)?