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Aug 24, 2009 at 02:44 PM

Communication Strategy



How does communication strategy works in choosing the output mediums. What are the steps involve activating communication strategy.

My purpose of sending Shipment documents to the forwarding agent is through fax. If forwarding agent doesnu2019t have fax output should reach through print medium.

I have created my own communication strategy and maintained as the first position u2013 Mail, second position u2013 Fax and third position u2013 Print.

I have created a new output ZZTM for medium 5 (external send) and this strategy has assigned to the output condition record for ZZTM. Please let me know what are the other mandatory steps need to maintain to finish the cycle. Is there anything I need to maintain in SCOT?

We have only two ways of sending the output. Fax (1st preference) and Print (2nd preference who doesnu2019t have fax)