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Aug 24, 2009 at 01:04 PM

How to Migrate JBuilder Code to NWDS


Hi SAP folks,

I have to migrate my J2EE JBuilder project to NWDS. I am able to do that. But I am facing few problem, which are below:

In JBuilder we generate Java Proxy classes bassed on RFC in SAP R/3 system. I have successfully generated Java proxy classes through NWDS; however in JBuilder it use to generate only one class but in NWDS it is generating more classes e.g. Input, output, porttype, linetype and exception classes based on RFC. Description is as below:

Input Class: Input class that contains all the importing and changing parameters of a function module.

Output Class: Output class that combines all the exporting, changing, and table parameters. For each return table, the Java Connectivity Builder generates a Java class. These lists are contained in the output class.

Linetype Class: The line type of a table corresponds to an ABAP Dictionary data type. Therefore, the SAP Enterprise Connector generates a Java class for the line type.

Exception Class: A generated class, whose name consists of the function module name followed by the string _Fault, contains all the exceptions of the function module. Also generated is a Java exception class that a Java program can catch and handle. This exception class encapsulates the other class, and its name consists of the function module name followed by the string FaultException.


How to deploy this project on local tomcat server? I could not find any option.


How do we make generated classes from JBuilder compatible with the classes generated by NWDS?

Any pointers will be helpful regarding the above question.

Thanks in advance.


Ravi Maheshwari