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Alternate sales areas in CRM based on common division in SAP ECC

Hello There,

We have CRM on-premise solution and currently we have an issue sales area determination with respect to a common division. Before raising an OSS note, I wanted to send over an e-mail to see if you have any suggestions for us.


Sales areas defined under a common division don’t show up in organizational data determination in CRM. As a workaround, user has to manually delete common division and replace it with appropriate sales area in the document header. For example – if Opportunity needs to be created for sales area 1000/01/25 then user currently creates an opportunity for common division customer sales area 1000/01/98 and then manually replaces 98 with 25. Common division configuration is provided below.

For example, if common division in ECC table V_TVKOS_ST is defined as below and assume that document is created for customer that belongs to common division 98.

SOrg 1000, Dv 23, Common Division (DivCus) 98

SOrg 1000, Dv 25, Common Division (DivCus) 98

SOrg 1000, Dv 98, Common Division (DivCus) 98

In CRM, we will only able to see sales area 1000/01/98 and other sales areas won’t display as an option, for example, 1000/01/25.

In ECC, if we create a quote, alternate sales area for customer display sales areas under a common division (as expected) and we are looking for a similar behavior in CRM as well.

Quote created for 1000/01/98 (01 is distribution channel) would have alternate sales area for customer available as 1000/01/25, 1000/01/23.


CRM Organizational structure is not in sync with ECC sales structure which then results in CRM not recognizing sales area under a common division as defined in ECC. Currently the way ECC enterprise structure is transferred to CRM is by the below configuration –

cid:image011.png@01D23FDF.A0D0C8A0CRM -> Organizational Management -> Data Transfer -> Copy SAP ECC Sales Structure and Transfer Common Use Sales Areas to SAP CRM

Product versions we have are below –

SAP ERP 6.0 (2005 Release)

SAP CRM 7.0 SP Stack 17 (06/2015)

Please provide your input in terms of any possible ways to handle this issue without any enhancements and still keeping CRM and ECC sales structure out of sync.



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