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Combined attribute search with NullSearchConstraint on MDM 5.5 and Java API

Hi everyone,

I have a main table "Products" with a taxonomy table "Main_WI_Classification".

Example of my tables:

No Main_Material_Number (main) Main_Article_Name (main) attribute1 (taxonomy) attribute2 (taxonomy)

1 1812190000 'SL-SMT 5.00/19/90G 3.2' Yes YNY

2 1812000000 'SL-SMT 5.00/19/90G 3.2'

3 1812200000 'SL-SMT 5.00/19/90G 3.2' Yes

I use a search with 3 search parameters, the first parameter is for a field in the main table ("Main_Article_Name") and the second and third parameter is for two attributes ("attribute1" and "attribute2") in the taxonomy table.

As ComparisonOperator I use the AND-operator.

I want to get the third article as result.

Search Parameter:

1. Main_Article_Name = "SL-SMT 5.00/19/90G 3.2"

2. attribute1 = "Yes"

3. attribute2 = NULL

When I perform the search with all 3 search parameters set, it delivers no results.

When I perform the search with the first and second search parameters set, it delivers 1 and 3.

When I perform the search with the first and third search parameters set, it delivers 2 and 3.

How can I combine the search parameters to work on both attributes to deliver me the third article?

Or is there another way to search for Null Values in attributes of taxonomy tables?

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2 Answers

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    Aug 24, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    here my coding:

    TableId mainTableId = rSchema.getTableId("Products");
    // get taxonomy table id
    FieldId taxFieldId = rSchema.getFieldId("Products", "Main_WI_Classification");
    // fields for the result defenition
    FieldId[] fieldIds = new FieldId[2];
    fieldIds[0] = rSchema.getFieldId("Products", "Main_Material_Number");
    fieldIds[1] = rSchema.getFieldId("Products", "Main_Article_Name");
    ResultDefinition rd = new ResultDefinition(mainTableId);
    // new search object
    Search attrSearch = new Search(mainTableId);
    // Search parameter 1
    SearchParameter spMatName = new SearchParameter(
    	new FieldSearchDimension(fieldIds[1]),
    	new TextSearchConstraint("SL-SMT 5.00/19/90G 3.2", TextSearchConstraint.EQUALS));
    // Search parameter 2
    SearchParameter spAttr1 = new SearchParameter(
    	new AttributeSearchDimension(taxFieldId, attrId1),
    	new TextSearchConstraint("Yes", TextSearchConstraint.EQUALS));
    // Search parameter 3
    SearchParameter spAttr2 = new SearchParameter(
    	new AttributeSearchDimension(taxFieldId, attrId2), new NullSearchConstraint(false));
    	RetrieveLimitedRecordsCommand retLimRecComm = new RetrieveLimitedRecordsCommand(usc);
    	RecordResultSet rs = retLimRecComm.getRecords();
    	System.out.println("Found: " + rs.getCount());
    	for (int i = 0; i < rs.getCount(); i++)
    				+ "\t"
    				+ rs.getRecord(i).getFieldValue(fieldIds[1]).toString());

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    Aug 31, 2009 at 07:53 AM

    no ideas?

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