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Work center wise production order infomation report

Hi all,

i have a requirement that workcenter wise (with date) production order information with quantity details (plan and actual).

Eg: My production order quantity - 40 nos. (it takes 4 days to finish).

i have three operation in production order.

my order scheduled start date - todays date.

In standard, when enter my first operation work center, system showing production order and its quantity (40 nos) . but i need to split that order quantity in report.. means on todays date for particular production order - order quantity = 10 nos.

Clent want like that (with quantity break) report..

Any standard report ???

If customization.... How it can be mapped in SAP.??

Thanks in advance

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2 Answers

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    Aug 25, 2009 at 05:39 AM


    you can use the query like this:

    This will give you all the orders for workcenter with system status:

    SELECT caufvaufnr tj02ttxt04 tj02t~txt30

    INTO TABLE tmp_e_order

    FROM ( ( ( ( caufv

    INNER JOIN aufk ON aufkaufnr = caufvaufnr )

    INNER JOIN jest ON aufkobjnr = jestobjnr )

    INNER JOIN tj02t ON jeststat = tj02tistat )

    INNER JOIN crhd ON crhdwerks = caufvwerks )

    WHERE ( caufv~autyp = lv_autyp_prod "#EC CI_BUFFJOIN "10

    OR caufv~autyp = lv_autyp_proc ) "40

    AND caufv~werks IN lt_range_plant

    AND crhd~arbpl IN lt_range_workcenter

    AND jest~inact NE abap_true.

    in CAUFV~GAMNG you will get the order quantity: Operation and Order you 'll get 1:1 quantity for Finish product. For the

    component you 'll get the detail in RESBRSNUM wich has a join RESBAUFPL = AFVCAUFPL = CAUFVAUFPL and in Caufv you will have AUFNR ( Order No). At CAUFV~GSUZS you get the schedule start date. So aftre selecting the orders you do a filtering on GSUZS and show it with a split.

    The solution is for both PP/PI order. So please use it according to your requirement.

    You can try COHV transaction as well.

    Thanks and regards,


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      You can use the FM COIS_SELECT_ORDER_DATA_READ.

              iv_prod_order_sel       = lv_prod_order_sel 
              iv_proc_order_sel       = lv_proc_order_sel
              iv_planned_order_sel    = lv_planned_order_sel
              iv_rem_objects_only_sel = lv_rem_objects_only_sel
              is_objects_to_read      = ls_objects_to_read
              it_parameter            = lt_parameter  "General Structure for PARAMETERS and SELECT-OPTIONS
              it_status_hdr           = lt_status_hdr
              it_status_opr           = lt_status_opr
              it_status_cmp           = lt_status_cmp
              ct_ioheader             = lt_ioheader
              ct_ioitem               = lt_ioitem
              ct_iodocl               = lt_iodocl
              ct_ioopdocl             = lt_ioopdocl
              ct_iomamo               = lt_iomamo
              ct_ioconf               = lt_ioconf
              ct_ioopconf             = lt_ioopconf
              ct_iosoconf             = lt_iosoconf
              ct_iogomo               = lt_iogomo
              ct_ioopgomo             = lt_ioopgomo
              ct_iosogomo             = lt_iosogomo
              ct_iogmer               = lt_iogmer
              ct_ioopgmer             = lt_ioopgmer
              ct_iosogmer             = lt_iosogmer
              ct_iosequen             = lt_iosequen
              ct_iooper               = lt_iooper
              ct_iosoper              = lt_iosoper
              ct_ioopcomp             = lt_ioopcomp
              ct_iooppreq             = lt_iooppreq
              ct_iosopreq             = lt_iosopreq
              ct_iooppord             = lt_iooppord
              ct_iosopord             = lt_iosopord
              ct_ioopmst              = lt_ioopmst
              ct_ioopprt              = lt_ioopprt
              ct_ioopcap              = lt_ioopcap
              ct_ioopscap             = lt_ioopscap
              ct_iosocap              = lt_iosocap
              ct_iososcap             = lt_iososcap
              ct_ioopsccf             = lt_ioopsccf
              ct_iososccf             = lt_iososccf
              ct_ioprodlist           = lt_ioprodlist
              ct_iomatver             = lt_iomatver.

      This FM get data from the report used by transaction COOIS. If you needed the header data then you can use lt_ioheader table and seperate the data with the date. If you need at operation basis the you can use lt_iosoper table. You can use this FM to create custom report even with the checks like material availability, PRT availability, capacity requirement etc.

      Thanks and regards,


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    Aug 24, 2009 at 10:06 AM

    hi buddy

    there is STD report CO28 then go to confirmation radio button, select the profile as std. give ur prod. order no, plant, put actual finish date, at operation level put work center & execute, u will get the work center & operation wise confirmation, else customize report on the basis of confirmation posg date & GR posting date.



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      Hi Prasobh,

      Thanks for your reply,,

      If i need to go into customization. How can i map this requirement

      As of my understanding

      Production scheduled start date and time and Finish scheduled date and time.

      between days .. we can make average quantity per day..

      but the problem is first operation set up time in 3hrs .. how can i include that and also holidays!!

      Any simple method to map this req to get for particular workcenter date wise planned production qty???

      Thanks in advance