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Aug 24, 2009 at 09:47 AM

Problem with starting webservice since latest patch.


Since we updated our NWDS and Server to (SP03 PAT0001) the webservices we create as a starting webservice for or BPM process don't appear in the single service administration. When we try to start the process manually from the process repository we can start it normally but in our scenario we need the starting webservice.

First thing we thought was that because of the patch some things in the project got corrupt and that's why it doesn't show but when we created a new project and build a small test with it we ran into thesame problem. We did the exact same test with a previous version of the NWDS and with that one we were able to get the webservice.

Did anyone else run into this problem ? and is there a way to fix it ?

To reproduce just do the following steps:

- create a Process composer project

- Create a WSDL in the project with only 1 operation with only a input structure.

- Create a process

- Set the WSDL as interface for the start

- Added a user for the swimming lane

- Add a userInterface or Automated step.

- Deploy