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Sep 25, 2018 at 06:20 AM

HANA Smart Data Integration with Oracle log reader poor performance

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We are setting up a real-time replication to replicate 21 oracle tables (approx 650GB) into Hana by using the HANA SDI setup. DP agent is installed on a separate box.

The initial loads went pretty ok, not very fast but approx 7000 rows a second if we use parallel processing with partitions on the replication task.

The issue we are encountering is that the delta is not comming in fast enough so we are hitting the 48hrs retention rate of the oracle logs.

We have a high priority incident with SAP for this and they recommended us to switch to the replication behaviour or realtime only instead of realtime with structure.

SAP requested us to upgrade the DP agent software version 2.3.3, which we did.

We took both the recommendations and were succesfully replicating (within 2 minutes delay on the line) the 2 biggest tables, so we switched back on all the 21 replications. However after switching back on we see an increasing delay over the past 3 days so it will reach a point upcomming days where the logfiles are not available anymore due to the cleanup of the logfiles.

If I validate the current performance we are 107 logfiles behind compared to the source:


The remote source has parallel scan activated (also by recommendation of SAP) with 8 parallel scanners.

Is there anybody who has some advice what to check and setup as I am not convinced whether SDI is the way forward for us and SAP is also not clear on how to tackle this.