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Aug 24, 2009 at 07:08 AM

Travel management - problem with post a trip for an employee in India



I am configure travel management for a customer, in there SAP system. I have already made the configuration for countries like Sweden, Finland, Italy, Germany etc, but when I should do it for India I can not save a trip in PR05. I have copied the configuration (schema) from Sweden to India (India has no schema in standard) and that is no problem, but when I should enter a trip and save in PR05 I have the following problem:

1. It seems like I am in US because travelling country is per default USA (it should be India when I have linked the employee to the company code for India in transaction code PO13 and PA40). I can change the country to IN (India).

2. When I enter an expense type and amount, the system have a tax code for USA per default (I have configured that this expense type should choose a tax code in India but the system choose one for USA). I can change it to an Indian tax code.

3. The system also ask for a tax jurisdiction code on the row for expense type. Here I can choose 9999 as a dummy. But I have no idea why I have to specify that. I think that is typical for USA?

4. When I have changed the country to IN, the tax code to an indian tax code and specified the jurisdiction tax code to 9999 and then save I have got the following error message:

" Customization for 1600 j_1iindcus missing in table

Message no. 8I303" and when I have googled on that error message I found that I should go to:

IMG-Logistics General-Tax on Goods movement -India-Basic Settings-Maintain COmpany code settings

but that is according to logistics and everything else in the system as purchase etc is working fine with no problem with tax jurisdiction code so I don´t guess that I should change anything there if I destroy anything else.

5. If I change the country to IN and not register any trip expense but instead register trip segment, that the employee should have compensation for travelling with its own car and then save I have got the message that I have not maintained the currency USD/rupie which is a sign of that the systém beleives that we are in USA.

Please help. I have no idea how to come around this.

Best regards Lisa