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Sep 24, 2018 at 04:16 PM

Urgent.... BOM UDF to sales order


Hello guys,

I have a created a row level UDF in Bill Of Material & this UDF will display Parent item descriptions.

I have created a sales BOM & manual enter the parent item name in the row level UDF created.

But when I call this BOM to sales order, it's only display the child item & it's quantity and other details.

Is it possible to display the UDF information automatically when I call the sales BOM in sales order?

If yes, kindly explain in detail how I can bring this information.

For example: Sales BOM name: Head 5. And it's has 3 child items & I have a row level UDF where it's will capture the BOM name. In my case it's Head 5.

When I call this Head 5 in sales order. It's will automatically display the child items underneath the Parent item with Qty.

But near that quantity field, I want my UDF to display automatically when I call a sales BOM