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Aug 24, 2009 at 02:43 AM

cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_name gives wrong lengths...


Hello Experts,

In my program I am getting the components of a structure in my program. But

I noticed during debugging that it gives out wrong length. For example, field1

of my structure has a data type of flag which means it is a CHAR with length 1 but

when I use the said method of cl_abap_structdescr my field1 has a length of 2 which

is giving me short dumps.

Below is my code:

TYPES: BEGIN OF gs_file_struct1,
        col1  TYPE flag,  "Indicator
        col2  TYPE flag,  "Transaction type
        col3  TYPE string,
        col4  TYPE string,
        col5  TYPE string,
        col6  TYPE string,
        col7  TYPE string,
        col8  TYPE string,
        col9  TYPE string,
        col10 TYPE string,
        col11 TYPE string,
        col12 TYPE string,
       END OF gs_file_struct1.

im_struct_name is 'GS_FILE_STRUCT1' passed to an parameter of a method.

*   Get components of structure
    lcl_sdescr ?= cl_abap_structdescr=>describe_by_name( im_struct_name ).
    lt_components[] = lcl_sdescr->components[].

*   Build fieldcatalog based from the components
    LOOP AT lt_components INTO lw_components.
      CLEAR lw_fieldcat.
      lw_fieldcat-fieldname = lw_components-name.
      lw_fieldcat-datatype  = lw_components-type_kind.
      lw_fieldcat-inttype   = lw_components-type_kind.
      lw_fieldcat-intlen    = lw_components-length.
      lw_fieldcat-decimals  = lw_components-decimals.

      APPEND lw_fieldcat TO lt_fieldcat.
      CLEAR lw_fieldcat.

Now, when I check the length of my COL1, it is shown as length 2 instead of 1!