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Table name for pricing condition types with key combinations

I want to know the SD table name where system will store condition type along with key combinations associated with this.


ZZD2 Condition type

Key combinations


Customer Group/Site Group

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2 Answers

  • Sep 24, 2018 at 02:22 PM


    Please put some efforts before asking. After searching, if you stuck somewhere or not able to find answer to your question then please post here.

    Please search " Table for condition record" ...You will find n number of threads answered for the same question.



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    • When searching in Google, I always add, like this: "condition table name". This limits search to SCN and official SAP sites. There is rarely useful information elsewhere.

      Also I've heard from others that they've been getting improved Google results when they use the actual question instead of just keywords. E.g. "how to find pricing condition table name in SAP".

      You can also find almost any table name in SAP by using F1 -> technical info. Or SQL trace (ST05).

  • Sep 27, 2018 at 07:46 PM


    In table T685A (with KAPPL = 'V') you will get the SD pricing conditions.

    As for Access sequence tables, use T682I table.

    Pricing conditions tables can be standard or customized. Conditions table usually is "A"+the table number.


    Maximiliano Isoba.

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    • Hi Ram G,

      I do not think you will have an unique normalized or even an unique table with that information.

      Please remember that one condition type could have only one access sequence and an access sequence could have many tables.

      You can get the data you want by making a join of different tables:

      with the desired condition types (KSCHL) go to T685 table and get the access sequence of it (KOZGF).

      With the access sequence go to table T682I to retrieve the tables numbers.

      In T682Z you have for each access of the Access Sequence which fields are used (technical name).

      Also in table DD02T you could retrieve the table name. It's pretty common the pricing table's name to be the combination of key fields of it. However, this is not a norm and could be changed by consultant.


      Maximiliano Isoba.