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Aug 23, 2009 at 12:19 PM

dynamic programming: send data to function module, mapping...


Hello abappers,

I have a requirement to be able to send a the name of a table and a table-field to a function module, it can be a table of any type, so the function module should be generic in nature, the function module receives the table name and table-field name and then selects data for the field specified from the table specified (in the import parameter of the FM). Within the function module, I want to be able to determine the fields type? and then send this field to an internal table representing a a destination table (also specified in the import parameters).

the idea is to be able to map a field from any table to a specified field in another table, the table(source and destination) and field names will only determined at run time as specified by the user.

any assistance will be appreciated, I am not very familiar with dynamic\generic programming.