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Aug 23, 2009 at 11:34 AM

Data overwriting n not getting displayed in seperate ro


Hi Experts,

I have a very simple doubt here.

I have two popups with me. Say popup1 and popup2. Both are tables.

popup2 opens through popup1. I have some data in popup2 which i have to pass to popup1. I select one row in popup2 and pass the same to popup1 on the click of button "ok". Now if I again select another row from popup2 and press the button "ok". the new value overwrites the old value in pupup1.

I need the new value from popup2 to be displayed in a new row in popup1 n no overwriting should happen.

In short, the data in popup1 coming from popup2 is not getting poplutaed in seperate rows, instead it is overwriting the previous entry.

Please suggest me complete code to iterate the data in different rows or else letme know if i have to make changes in some property of my tables in popup.

Best Regards,