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Aug 21, 2009 at 01:59 PM

Upgrade SOLMAN Kernel


I have a question about upgrading the kernel. I am running SPS 17 on AIX 64-Bit UNICODE. I am running kernel release 700 patch 201. When I downloaded the kernel files I noticed there were some other files available that were newer than the kernel files I downloaded. For example under Kernel 700 64 Bit UNICODE -> AIX 64 Bit -> Database Independent - I downloaded the file SAPEXE_2010000978.SAR with a date of 6/3/2009. The the other files here SAPJ2EE_52-20000978.SAR date 7/17/2009, dw_220-20000978.SAR date 8/21/2009 and others are newer then the SAPEXE.SAR file. This seems to be the same under the Oracle Database kernel file link there are newer files then the SAPEXEDB_201-20000979.SAR. My question is what is the normal procedure for upgrading the kernel. Should I download the SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB*.SAR files and also download the files that have a newer date stamp then the SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB files.