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Sep 21, 2018 at 08:09 PM

Fiori HANA On-Premise Print a custom report From an ALV


Hi all,

Here are the requirements:

I have written an ALV and it is nicely displaying as an APP. However, the ALV has too many columns to print. And they want all the columns to print. So my thought was simply to set up the print button and print a report where I could do things like word wrap and make it look nice. However, I don't want that to show on the screen. The ALV with all of it's wonderful functionality should be on the screen. And as a requirement the data has to be printed. Sorry trees.

So I've been looking around for a solution to just print it from the ALV screen. I can't really find anything.

I could post my ALV code - but it's not a problem with the code. It's the next step. I can do this without any problems on the GUI. But not the browser.

Any ideas? I'm willing to try anything at this point. What have I tried? I've tried my normal approach of setting up an event and then printing a simple report. I've tried just to print the ALV by selecting the min. columns. (It did it, but the print was too small)

I've searched. But if you have found something and have some search terms that maybe I haven't tried - I'll do that.

Thank you,