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Aug 21, 2009 at 01:53 PM

Retrieve value of an element (abap xml format) of type RAW ftom Java (JCo)


Hello colleagues,

I have converted an interanl table into XML format via CALL TRANSFORMATION and target data type which holds this serialized data is xstring. Now I am sending this serialized data to JCo based Java application. One of the component (let us say document_guid) in the table is with data type RAW(16).

In Java I am parsing this xml using SAXParser. I want to get back the value of 'docuemnt_guid'. Currently I am getting corresponding element data with some vague charecters (somthing like 'RweJqw=='). How can I get guid out of it?

Could you please help me? Due to some circumstance I need to pass this table in xsting only. I can't pass it as a table parameters during RFC call.

Thanks in advance.