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Aug 21, 2009 at 11:14 AM

US Quarterly Unemployment Report


US - On the quarterly unemployment tax reports created out of Tax Reporter (PU19) for

Massachusetts, State Uempl tax is not getting calculated for a particular Comp Code.

Tax Auth: MA

Comp Code: DA01

Unempl Insurance tax is showing up in Tax Reporter for an emp.

Tax Auth MA

However in Comp Code: CE01

Unempl Insurance tax not showing up in Tax Reporter though the tax is being calculated by BSI and is also showing up in the RT Table (WTs /410, /610, /710)

Preview if the Quaterly Unempl report for this CE01 emp:

A. Enter Total Gross Wages Paid this quarter. = 5769.00

B. Enter wages paid this quarter in excess of $ = 5769.00 (N.B: The problem lies here: This field should take into account the Tax Ceiling, but as of now it is pulling the value in Field A )

C. Subtract B from A and enter amount in C. = 0.00

These are your Wages Subject to Contribution.

D. Multiply C by ( %) and enter amount in D.

This is your Workforce Training Fund Contribution. = 0.00

E. Multiply C by ( %) and enter amount in E.

This is your Unemployment Insurance Contribution. = 0.00 (Since C = 0.00)

FYI: Table T5UTX has been maintained with Tax Ceiling 14,000.00 and with Tax rate 0.027000

And table BTXRATE has been maintained with Maximum salary 0.00 and Experience rate = 0.039300

Please help.

Thanks And Regards,

Somdeb Banerjee.

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