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Sep 20, 2018 at 09:16 PM

How does LX23 work when WM stock is greater than IM stock level?



In MMBE the WM storage location shows 5 units total, all unrestricted stock. Physically in the WM bin there are 5 units. LS26 shows 19 units. There are no open TR or TO or TPN.

Some of the 19 units of stock are in interim storage types 902, 916, and 922. The Purchase orders and outbound deliveries for the dynamic bin numbers are fulfilled completely and accurately.

The stock differences appear to be related to numerous transfer postings that were done in an attempt to correct stock between own and sales order stock.

When running LX23 without clearing differences, it shows the 14 unit difference as expected.

Am I correct in understanding that if I clear the differences with with LX23, that 14 units will be added to ECC, according to MMBE. Then we will need to goods issue or cycle count out of WM the inventory that doesn't physically exist?

In addition, these are serialized materials. The serial numbers of the 5 units in ECC match the serial numbers of the 5 physical units.

Is there another option, like cycle counting in WM and clearing the differences that way?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chris


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