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Nov 17, 2016 at 03:28 PM

Error reading data from S_NONE when running consolidation in BPC 10.1 MS

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Hi All,

I have a question around how the consolidation program SPRUNCONSO works with the GROUP dimension.

My understanding of consolidation comes from working with BPC on NW, where all unconsolidated data gets posted against a member such as "S_NONE" which corresponds to "No scope" or "No consol group".

In NW, when running the consolidation program, the transaction data gets read from S_NONE, either translated or copied to the consolidation group selected (depending on FX translation config), and consolidated in that group.

However, when I try to do this in BPC on MS I get the error:

  • E, CSD-130 Nothing extract from the Fact with consolidation rules - check your souce account
  • E, CSD-135 Nothing extract from the Fact with entity defined in ownership hierachy
  • E, CSD-140 Nothing extract from the Fact with entity and interco calculation
  • E, CSD-150 Nothing extract from the Fact with account and entity/interco pair in the ownership and elimination rules
  • E, CSD-160 Nothing extracting Data : C_CONSO

My understanding is that this error essentially means "there is no data to read from the source %SCOPETABLE%".

When I manually run a Copy package to move data from S_NONE to one of the consolidation groups first, and then run consolidation, the program executes all eliminations as expected.

My question is: is this expected behaviour? Is it expected for BPC on MS to be configured such that data is read directly from each consolidation group?

Or have I missed a step to allow for the stored procedure to begin with S_NONE?

Other information:

  • All required data and properties are present and configured in the Consolidation Model and the Ownership Model, entities are assigned, rules and multipliers set up as standard etc.
  • I am loading data in reporting currency USD in S_NONE, and have USD set as the group currency for each consolidation group.
  • I have each audit trail configured IS_CONVERTED = G and the relevant members IS_CONSOL = Y.
  • This is on BPC MS 10.1 SP05.