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Aug 21, 2009 at 06:59 AM

Problem with CR2008 static and dynamic parameters



I have an annoying problem with CR2008 that I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

When I create a static parameter, point to a table and attempt to "Append all database values", no data is returned and no error message is flagged up.

If I create a dynamic parameter, and configure the Select Expert to select "is one of" and link it to the dynamic parameter, similarly when I refresh the data view I will get a prompt for the dynamic parameter but it will not display any values to pick from.

If I use the sample report 'Employee Sales.rpt' and sample Xtreme.mdb (which has a dynamic parameter defined) and refresh data prompting for new parameters, it prompts me to redefine the ODBC (RDO) connection.

I am using a standalone CR installation accessing a MS Access database. I am running Vista (up to date with SP2) and have recently uninstalled CR10 and installed CR2008. Following other posts with similar issues where a reinstall corrected the problem, I have uninstalled CR2008 a number of times (and manually cleaned up the registry to remove all Crystal Reports and Business Objects keys) and done a clean install with no change.

If anyone has any pointers I would appreciate their input as all other functionality of CR is OK. I would particularly value any information about doing a manual cleanup of the hard drive and registry to ensure that there is a clean install. My only conclusion is that there is still some common file from CR10 that is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance,