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Aug 21, 2009 at 05:45 AM

How to empty the cube and re-intialize the data load.


Dear All,

I've the following data flow in my BW7 env.

From Oracle DB, a full load into a BW ODS and then a delta load into BW CUBE.

The full load from Oracle DB to ODS contains weekly data (sort of delta filtering put in place at the source)

Coz of some biz reason, i needed to delete the last few delta request from cube and the corresponding load requests from ODS.

Instead of marking the delta request red and then delete. I deleted the delta request while green thus disturbing my delta load from cube.

Now as i understand, I need to empty the cube, reset the initialization from ODS to cube and then start the delta.

While trying to empy the cube, the system goes into hang mode and data is not deleted (even after 2 hrs)

Even deletion of a single request is not worklng.

I'm not sure whether my above actions of deleting the request (when green) has resulted in some locks at system level.

How do i find this.

The Basis guy says, things are normal with no unnecessary locks.

How do i delete the data.

The ODS has around 7m records.