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Aug 20, 2009 at 10:39 PM

Unable to find the source of changes in BOM tables



We have a client who updates data in their ITT1 table but sometime later the data changes on them. They suspect that our add-on is doing it, but our addon doesn't do anything like what is going on. The there are two user-defined fields involved: one is an alpha-numeric with valid values of 'Y' and 'N' with a default of 'N' and the other is an image field. The first field is set to 'Y' but later is changed to 'N'. The second field is set a file name but later it is changed to an empty string. We have other clients using the same add-on without this type of issue; this client is the only one with this issue. I think the fields are being changed via some other operation.

I've tried analyzing the AITT and ATT1 tables but they don't give the time of the day things happen. Also there is no way these tables show the source of the changes. Is there any other information that might exist in the database that would shed any more light on what is going on?