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Former Member
Aug 20, 2009 at 03:55 PM

ATP check in sales order


Hello All,

I have a situation in ATP check for sales order that I am unable to understand. Below is the scenario:

1. we have 10 pieces of material on stock

2. sales order 1 is created for 10 pieces of this material and is confirmed because we have them in stock. The delivery date for this sales order is 6/28.

3. PO is created and confirmed via shipping notification for 10 pieces of this material and scheduled to make the material available on 6/28

4. a delivery is created for sales order 1. the plant is WM managed. TO is not created or picked or confirmed.

5. second sales order comes and asks for delivery date of 6/20 and it is also confirmed because we have 10 in stock and system thinks that there are 10 more pieces coming on 6/28 that sales order 1 can use. but it does not take the delivery that has be already created for sales order 1 into account.

Please help in resolving this issue. What do need to check to make sure second sales order is not confirmed? I have checked the ATP configuration but it seems ok to me.

Any help will be appreciated.


Rutul Thakkar