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Aug 20, 2009 at 12:06 PM

Delete outbound delivery in cross company without reversing post issues


Hi all!

I have a problem related to cross company process.

In my case, I have a PO, from plant B to plant A.

Using VL10B transaction, an outbound delivery is created, from plant A.

After that, I use the vl02N transaction, and after all the steps, I post goods issues for the outbound delivery.

Then, using the MIGO transaction, the material is posted in the new storage (plant B).

So, now, the material is in plant B, but is posible to delete the outbound delivery, without reversing the post good issue in plant B.

Does any one know how can be it is possible? how can I avoid that?

This operation proboques inconsistencies in the system.

Thanks a lot for your help!