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Former Member
Aug 20, 2009 at 08:29 AM

is there any possibility of cross client reporting structure???


my client wants to implement sap hr in 13 companies i.e we have 13 company codes, where as other modules are implemented only in 5 company codes. now im facing problem in designing the organization structure coz acc to my clients requirement . any position in one company code may report to some senior in other comp code. for eg. the comp codes are A B C D and so on.and the client is into various verticals like real estate, industrial clusters and port.

now these verticals are distributed across all comp code. now employee working at comp code A may belong to any vertical like industrial clustrial cluster or port. and he will report to his senior who may belong to any other comp code...

plzzzzz help me how to design the organization structure. is there any possibility of cross client reporting. or should i take these verticals as root org units while designing org structure.