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Aug 20, 2009 at 06:21 AM

Table pagination issue


Hi All

I have 2 tables in a screen. Based on the first tabel selected row data, i need to populate the second table.

The second table visible row is 5, so when there are more than 5 records i am getting pagination buttons enabled.

The issue is, i have populated some data(say 10 rows) in 2nd table. i clicked on "Next Page" button in footer of table and now it is Row visible 6 to 10.

Then i have selected some other row in first table and based on the selected row the second table get populated. but the row visible is same 6 to 10. the data get updated but the table footer property does not get change.

It must show form the starting of the table(like Row 1 of 10) .

I am invalidating the 2nd table node while updating the data. i am suspecting somewhere i need to clrae the table property.

Please let me know how to achive that.