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Aug 20, 2009 at 06:07 AM

Problem with embeding the same view in dynamically created view container


Hello Experts,

I am getiing a dump when i try to embed the same view inside the dynamically created view container of

dynamically created tabs of a tabstrip

The requirement go like this, i have 2 views in which i have have to embed the 2nd view to view1 where i have an empty

tabstrip without tabs. During runtime i create tabs as well as view containers accordingly and then try to embed view2 in tabs.

I have put the below mentioned code in HANDLEIN,

DATA: lref_vcntlr TYPE REF TO if_wd_view_controller,

lref_comp TYPE REF TO if_wd_component_usage,

lv_embed_pos TYPE string.

lref_vcntlr = wd_this->wd_get_api( ).

lv_embed_pos = 'FILE_PERS_EDIT/VC_GENERAL'.


CALL METHOD lref_vcntlr->do_dynamic_navigation


source_window_name = 'FILE_PERSISTENCE_WND' " Window

source_vusage_name = 'FILE_PERS_EDIT_USAGE_1' " Source View usage

source_plug_name = 'TO_EDIT_LAYOUT' " Outbound plug

target_view_name = 'PERS_EDIT_LAYOUT' " Second view to be embedded

target_plug_name = 'IN' " Second view inboun plug

target_embedding_position = lv_embed_pos


component_usage = lref_comp.

CATCH cx_wd_runtime_repository .


wd_this->fire_to_edit_layout_plg( ).

This works fine for the first time.

However onaction tab select i change the embeding position( 'FILE_PERS_EDIT/view container name of different tab') of the view2 an try to embed view2 in a different tab.

At this point i get a dump stating View2 already present in the window 'FILE_PERSISTENCE_WND' of component.

I think, the view2 embediing has to be removed before i add the view2 in a different tab

Kindly let me know how to remove view2 embedding from tab1 before i add a view2 to a different tab or is there any other

means to handle this problem?

Thanks & Best Regards,