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Aug 19, 2009 at 10:52 PM

Siemens DIS to MII integration


I am exploring possibilities of SIMATIC IT Data Integration with SAP MII 12.0.

Siemens DIS provides HTTP client & server connectors. HTTP server connector can poll remote MII server in every n seconds and can pick whenever new response gets generated in MII.

Another possibility is to use COM connector as a bridge to Siemens DIS system. It allows any third party application which supports COM technology to connect to DIS. So here I see a need to have a Windows COM application hosted on IIS that can support COM and start the COM connector as in-process COM server. MII can do Web Service call to custom application to trigger the DIS.

Second approach gives trigger to MII without continuous polling by DIS.

I will appreciate all the responses on it.


Ram Upadhayay