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Aug 19, 2009 at 07:38 PM

Getting an error "Customer could not be determined" for IDOCs in SCM 7.0


Hi Friends,

I am executing the report RSMIPROACT in ECC 6.0 system to publish Demand and Stocks into the SCM 7.0 system.

The IDOC is processed without any errors in ECC 6.0 . However, in the SCM 7.0 system , the IDOC fails with the error.

I have noticed that 2 things .

1. E1ADRE1 field is NOT being sent by the ECC system .

2. I get the same error even if I manually add this field and add value 300 or 301 for the qualifier field.

Has anybody faced this problem before ?

I look forward to replies.

Detailed error is given below.




Customer could not be determined

Message no. /SAPAPO/EDI010


The system must determine the customer number from the IDoc data in order to update stock and sales figures for customers. It uses the additional section E1ADRE1 with the qualifier '300' or '301' in the vendor address section to do this. The customer number stored here should have a valid customer number in the APO System.

The section was not available in the processed IDoc.

System Response

The system cancels processing.


Configure the EDI convertor in such a way that the corresponding section has a value.