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Sep 20, 2018 at 12:29 PM

SQL Console (ADT) on Mac



I´m using Eclipse Photon (Release 4.8.0)
on a Mac (10.13.6)
with ADT (

Now my problem: When I use the SQL Console I get this error message:

(Query execution failed
"ROWS" ist im ABAP-Dictionary nicht als Tabelle, Projektions- oder Datenbank-View deklariert worden oder nicht aktiv vorhanden.
select *
from t100)

When I write the SQL Statement in one single line everything works fine:

I guess the problem comes from the different line endings of Win and Mac. A few ideas on how I can fix or work around the problem?

BTW: There are more bugs in ADT on a Mac, but this one bothers me the most.

thanks and greetings