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SQL Console (ADT) on Mac


I´m using Eclipse Photon (Release 4.8.0)
on a Mac (10.13.6)
with ADT (

Now my problem: When I use the SQL Console I get this error message:

(Query execution failed
"ROWS" ist im ABAP-Dictionary nicht als Tabelle, Projektions- oder Datenbank-View deklariert worden oder nicht aktiv vorhanden.
select *
from t100)

When I write the SQL Statement in one single line everything works fine:

I guess the problem comes from the different line endings of Win and Mac. A few ideas on how I can fix or work around the problem?

BTW: There are more bugs in ADT on a Mac, but this one bothers me the most.

thanks and greetings

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  • Hi Patrick,

    I played around a bit with the view (MacOS 10.13.6). There is one thing worth to try: add a space at the end of each line. That's of course no solution, but could be a workaround.

    Regards, Felix

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    Posted on Nov 13, 2018 at 08:25 AM

    Hi Patrick,

    as a short-term workaround you could set the workspace default delimiter to CRLF.

    This can be done in the Eclipse Preferences.
    Under Preferences>General>Workspace you can find the Setting for "New Text file line delimiter".
    If you change this from Default to Other: Windows then Eclipse will use CRLF instead of LF for an empty file.

    Other ABAP Source Editors also use CRLF, as you can see with Felix hint to visualize whitespace characters.

    This should remove the symptom in the SQL Console for now.



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  • Posted on Oct 08, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    Hi Felix,

    thanks for the tip, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Neither with a space nor with a tabulator or with a comment at the end of each line. I think the problem are the different line endings (CRLF, LF) and the transfer to the backend.

    Regards, Patrick

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