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Sep 20, 2018 at 09:47 AM

IBP Planning Operators - Can it be triggered via CPI? or any External system?



We have a process of extracting data from BW system going to IBP on a regular basis via CPI. Once the data stored in IBP there is a DISAGG planning operator that will copy and dissaggreate the values to the final key figure visible to the users.

To automate the process we develop a custom program in BW. At the end of the BW process chain there is a program to trigger the CPI tasks automatically to start the extraction. However, this will not trigger the DISAGG operator in IBP.

I am thinking of just scheduling the DISAGG operator to run regularly (i.e. every 15mins).

But there might be a more elegant solution/option for it? Can CPI trigger the planning operators in IBP?

Appreciate your response :)