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Aug 19, 2009 at 10:27 AM

SAP Project System Telecoms Turn Key Projects. End to end process


SAP Project System Telecoms Turn Key Projects. The best way to define structure & end to end business process from procurement commissioning and commercial launch for each individual sites.

I need help for the business scenario i.e.

One Telecom Network expansion project needs to be in corporate in SAP PS module. One major/parent expansion project is segregated with child site projects. The hierarchy is

Parent / Expansion Project Hierarchy


Level 1 P00, "Project Phase Number" e.g. P01

Level 2 P00.00, "Category" e.g. NSS / BSS / Transmission / Civil Works

Child / Site Project Hierarchy


Level 1 X00.0000, "SITE Internal Planning NUMBER" e.g. MSC / BSC / BTS

Level 2 X00.0000.00 "Category" e.g. NSS / BSS / Transmission / Civil Works

Level 3 X00.0000.00.00, "Equipment Type" e.g. VMSC

Level 4 X00.0000.00.00.00, "Component" e.g. RTN 620

Level 5 X00.0000., "Card" e.g.Back Insert FE Interface Unit

The structure which we recommend for the business.

The business wants to allocate overall budget at Parent project level 2 i.e X00.00. Also procurement took place at this level since the project is on turn key basis the business have contracted with one vendor for entire expansions. All the inventory is maintained by vendor only when the goods arrived from off shores the vendor sends the invoice along with the Indirect cost that is custom duty invoice which is booked at higher level of the Parent Project. At that time it is not decided that the shipment / goods that were arrived where will be installed. After that when vendor installed them then it was communicated and business team check the site items only that time business know the exact location of the site along with its item. Where capitalization process starts to final asset.

Here for procurement process, One Purchase Order is created and only Invoices will be maintained as when vendor sends them, based on arrival of equipments. A check list is send by vendor along with invoice.

how can we maintained these process functions into SAP ??