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Aug 19, 2009 at 10:05 AM

DS run longer with scheduled job as compare to manual run


I have scheduled a job through Management Console (MC) to run everyday once at

certain time. After some time, maybe after 15 days of running, the execution

time has increased to double from 17 mins to 67 mins by one time jump. After

that, the job kept running and spent 67 mins to complete.

The nature of the job is to generate around 400 output flat files from a

source db2 table. Under efficient running time, 1 file took around 2 seconds to

generate. But now it became taking 8 seconds to generate one file. The data

volume and nature of the source table didn't change, so that was not the root

cause of increasing time.

I have done several investigations and the results as such:

1) I scheduled again this job at MC to run for testing, it would take 67 mins

to complete. However, if I manually run this job thorough MC, it would take

17 mins efficient time to run.

2) I replicated this job to a second job as a copy. Then I scheduled this

copied job at MC to run, it would take 67 mins to run. But if I manually run

this job through MC, it will take 17 mins to run.

3) I created another test repo and load this job in. I scheduled the job to

run at this new repo, it would take 67 mins to run. If I manually run the job

through MC, it only took 17 mins to run.

4) Finally, I manually executed the job through unix job scripts command,

which is one of the scheduled job entry in the cron file, such as

./, the job also would take 17

mins to run to finish.

5) I have recreated the repo to make it clean and reload back the jobs and

recreated again the schedule. Yet it still took 67 mins to run scheduled job.

Therefore, the conclusion is why it takes longer time to run by scheduling

method as compare to manually running method?

Please provide me a way to troubleshoot this problem. Thank you.

OS : HPUX 11.31

DS : BusinessObjects Data Services

databasee : DB2 9.1