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Nov 17, 2016 at 01:54 PM

Determination of Sales Organization in the ticket


Hi all,

can someone please explain me how the determination of sales organization in the ticket work? (see picture)

I already know that the sales data can be defined in:

  • the account - sales data
  • the employee - sales data
  • orgmodel - org unit- distribution channels

I also assumed that the sales organization is listed in the involved parties, where I can also maintain determinations. However, I cannot find it there (see picture).

But what I found is that the sales unit is determined from the account's sales data (see picture).

How does the logic work if multiple sales data are defined in the account (one sales data for company1, another for company2 ...)? How does the system finds the sales organization then?

Fyi: I also activated "sales area determination" in the scoping for service, but I don't know how to use/ set it up.

Thank you for every help!




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