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Aug 19, 2009 at 09:32 AM

Import Manager "forgeting" previous mapped values // manual edition maps


that's my problem,

we are loading few information(columns) on the customer master (arround half million entries) into a repository, and every new file fails due to unmapped values (each file from XI with thousand entries)

the thing, I go the the import manager, open the port Exception, map the missing values SAVE THE MAP, and the manually import,

next file, it fails again, same problem, unmapped values, I do the same process, (being sur eI save the map)

next file, fails once more, same problem, but not with the same values that I map the last time, but with values that I did map a earlier time.

Something like, each time I save the mapping, rewrite the maps, instead of addign them

is that something I could do ??

otherwise, is any way I could edit manually the table of conversion values ?? (so I could add all values at once)

thank in advance,

note :: mdm 5.5