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Aug 19, 2009 at 05:59 AM

Creating a Price record for a specific Sales Order


Dear Gurus,

Greetings. My requirement is that we need to give a special price for a single Sales Order for the combination of Sold to Party / Material / Quantity.

That means this price should be used only once in the Sales Order and cannot be repeated in any other order for the same combination also.

The issue is if I make the PR00 as manual and enter the price in Conditions, then there is a chance that the user can go to Edit mode and change the price and with the no. of transactions being done per day it is next to impossible to track this aspect.

So I need the price condition type in non edit mode.

Then the only way to populate the condition value is to flow from the condition record with the condition type as 'B: Automatic entry has priority' or 'D: Not possible to process manually', then the users cannot change the value any time.

The difficulty I am facing is if I have to maintain a Condition record for only one Sales Order, my access sequence should be Sold to Party / Material / Sales Document (VBELN). System is allowing me to create a Table but not allowing me to initialise the field values when I create an Access Sequence saying 'Select a document field for VBELN'. In the Field Catalogue at the bottom of the screen, VBELN is not available either under KOMK or KOMP. What to do noiw?

Tried searching in the forum but gurus are saying add the field value from the Field Catalogue which as I said is absent.

How do I give a Sales Order specific price which should not be editable later on.

Thanks in advance.


Venkat - Hyd