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Aug 18, 2009 at 06:31 PM



Hello All,

Currently we are using the user-exit EXIT_SAPMSNPUSER_005 to change the conversion factors for the TLB Pallets

using different Numerator & Denominator to convert to a different UoM from the Base UoM. This updates the line items

with the new quantity & UoM from a custom table.

We are converting to the new TLB and were told by SAP that this user-exit EXIT_SAPMSNPUSER_005 is not valid for

the new TLB and we should be using the BAdi /SCA/TLB_EXT with the method PRODUCT_INTO_PARAMETER. I am

not sure whether this is the correct BAdi to replace the above user-exit. Did anybody implement this BAdi with

the method PRODUCT_INTO_PARAMETER? Is there any example implementation that you guys can point me to?

Thanks for your help.

- Venkat