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Aug 18, 2009 at 05:48 PM

consolidated invoice


We have 2 POs for 3 different stores on each of them. SAP received 6 orders (PO 1 has orders A,B,C and PO 2 has orders D,E,F). When we invoice for the day, A,C,D,E have been shipped and are ready to be invoiced. We would send 2 consolidated invoices, 1 for each PO. Then the following day the remainder are shipped and ready for invoicing, we would again send 2 invoices just for orders B and F.

We would create a program that would run before that documents are invoiced. In this program it would look at the PO# of the that document and check it against the other PO#u2019s to see if there is another document that is processed and ready for invoicing. At that point it would group those documents together on one invoice to get the consolidated invoice.

Is this possible in SAP configuration level(functional side)?

Please give me any suggestion...