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Aug 18, 2009 at 12:35 PM

Memory buffer tuning - Why bother?



We are running ERP 6 on Win2003 64 bit, SQL2005 SP2 (2.6TB in size), 8 App servers with 16GB RAM (avg 60% used). As part of our housekeeping ,we are looking at addressing some of the swaps in ST02.

Currently we are experiencing swaps in the following buffers:

Nametab - Field definition: 150 000 swaps

Program: 300 000 swaps

Export/import: 500 000 swaps

Our current avg dialog response time is between 700-800ms per month (1400-1600 concurrent users).

Would increasing these buffers have any visable positive affect on the system or for the end-user? How important is it to address these buffer swaps? SAP does not report on it in the weekly/monthly EWA reports.