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Aug 18, 2009 at 10:26 AM

Upgrade reconciliation



I have a new question. I am finishing the upgrade reconciliation proccess in a customer and I have a scenario I do not know how to solve.

The scenario is:

- The customer recorded a BP in 2006.

- This BP has an invoice with 50.50u20AC for total.

- This invoice was paid by BP in 2006.

- The customer was consolidating in 2009, before upgrading to B12007.

- We upgraded the system to B1 2007 successfully.

- The upgrade reconciliation made two operations: one for the opening balance, and one RU for 50.50u20AC (the total of the invoice).

I cannot renconcile the RU.

How can I solve this scenario?

Kind regards.

Agustín Marcos Cividanes